West Cork History


‘At Zalapa (Xalapa), Mexico, 12th March [Fri.], George O’Gorman, Esq. Chief Commissioner of the Tialpuxahua Company, to Elizabeth Barry, daughter of the late Richard Barry, Esq., of Cork.’

Cork Constitution c 3rd June 1830.



Courtesy: Paschal McDonnell

Bowden, Richard, Esq. [Cork] city, Britannic Majesty‘s Vice-Consul, Tampico,
‗In August las, [1827], at Tampico, Richard Bowden, Esq. his Britannic Majesty‘s
Vice-Consul for that port…he ventured forth into a foreign country, destitute of
friends or money, or the ordinary means of obtaining them ; and in less than four
years, he elevated himself to a degree of respectability, competence and usefulness, to
which it is the lot of few, at any period of life, to attain. A native of Ireland, (the
nephew of Messrs. Ronayne Brothers, of the City of Cork, and was by his Mother‘s
side the relative of many of the oldest families in the South of…

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