Legal Tenure of Some Townlands in Durrus District, West Cork, from c 1600.

Some of the surnames associated with the general area such as O’Mahony, O’Sullivan, O’Donovan and McCarthy are comparative Johnny Come Latelys arriving from around 1250. The names of the older population probably include the O’Driscolls, Coughlans, Whoolehan/Hoolihan/Wholly. Moynihan, Cronin.

In the upheaval of the 17th century the old Gaelic overlords were displaced and the spreadsheet shows some of the effect locally. This process culminated with the Land Acts so by 1910 most of the tenants had become owners of their holdings subject to the payment of annuities to the Land Commission. The Landlords were handsomely compensated.

Contrary to popular perception most of the Landed Families (Whites/Evansons/Hutchinsons/Beechers) by the early 19th century were hovering on the threshold of bankruptcy through a combination of over borrowing, a collapse in agricultural prices and the onset of emigration. Many estates were sold in a NAMA type process in the 1850s through the Landed estates Court. Many of the purchases were local merchants and lawyers, the odd one from England such as Lord Clinton (Beara, Goleen, Hutchinson estate) and they tended to reap the benefit of the Land Acts.

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