60 men seen drilling in a field in Durrus, West Cork in Fenian times.

Nothing much came from this in the immediate area.

However a circle with Durrus association were active at the time in East London. John Dukelow from Crottees who lived for a while in Ahagouna, Clashadoo went to London with his wife and family and after a few years secummed to cholera. He was associated with the Hurley Santry and Swanton families probably also from the Durrus area in Fenian activities. Interestingly one of their womenfolk kept a lodging house where Michael Collins stayed when he came to London first as a Post Office Clerk.

The Dukelows were also active in politics with associated families from Durrus/Mizen in Rochester, New York where they were part of the network known as the ’99 cousins’. They ran the City of Rochester even though Republican in a like manner to the other Irish in the Democratic party.

The Swantons also had a long involvement in politics, Judge Robert Swanton was a United Irishman who escaped to New York.  In the 1880s Robert Swanton was associated with ‘The Bantry Band’ of Healys/Sullivans/Murphys and resigned a Justice of the Peace in protest agains the British Government.  Hs daughter died at an advance age single in Cobh around 1983.

Seán Hurley of Durrus joined the Chinese Imperial Customs service and learned Chinese.  He assisted Sun Yat Sen in the early 1900s in promoting Chinese Independence for which he was the first Irishman to receive a Chinese Passport. Later on returning to Ireland he was active in Dublin business and was involved in setting ip Aer LIngus.

The Santry name is that of the Blacksmith in the Clonakilty area who introduced Michael Collins to Republicanism.  His father had made pikes for the Rising in 1798.