I live in the south side of Dublin an exile from Cork!.  Interested in history, genealogy, economics, legal and business history, archives and memoirs.  Have an interest in Irish commercial history from early 20th century, Cork post war.  Particular interested in the Muintervara/Durrus area in the late 18th and 19th century on the lookout for articles references to the area in the period not helped by the destruction of records in the Public Records Office in 1922.   You could write a book about that, the Protestant Churches sent their records to Dublin for safe keeping.  In the early 19th century there were numerous complaints about the poor storage of the records in Dublin Castle oh! if they were only left there.  However the internet and digitalisation may make up some of the ground in time.  Surprises at how much the online British Parliamentary records contains reports, commissions etc.

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  1. Bernadette said:

    Hi, just had a look at your blog,very interesting. Looks like we have have a lot of the same interests.


  2. keltrustsnoone said:

    Great Blog, very interesting!!!


  3. Hello,

    You have a wonderful website here. I want to link to it off of corkgen.org, I just need to put up a history page.

    I have been wanting to poke around Durrus and have just acquired the images of the TA books for Durrus and for Kilcrohane and hope to transcribe them and publish the transcriptions, hopefully this year. (There are at least 2 parishes ahead of them in the queue!) I just retired from my job and so Cork genealogy is becoming my semi-fulltime job/hobby now. We plan to move to Salt Lake City this spring. Once that move is a done deal, and I can work on transcriptions again.

    As far as I can tell, my grandmother had Daly first cousins back in the 1870’s. They lived in Rossmore and were baptized in Muintervara parish. I don’t know if any of their descendants remained.



    • Michael Daley said:

      Hello, Michael Daley here. A group of us are connected through paperwork and male Y-DNA to Dalys on the Sheepshead Peninsula, as well as across Cork and Kerry. We share and maintain an interest in helping others develop their own lines.


  4. Mary Jean Mulherin said:

    Thanks for this site! Great, great grandmother, Margaret Mahony from Durrus, but don’t know which family she was from there.


  5. Hi I am really interested in the Dealy/Daly connection to Durrus. Think I must be related to them going off your research?


  6. Thank you so much for all the information you have posted here – it is a treasure trove!My great, great, great grandfather was TImothy Dillon of Clashadoo who worked as a tailor, his son Thomas, my great great grandfather worked in the Durrus copper mines.To be able to find so many references to them and information about the type of life they had in Durrus during his era is fascinating.


    • I love your web site , I am searching for the parents of Nathaniel Godson born in Cork. All I have on him was that he was born around 1795 in Ireland. Then married a girl named Mary Ann and moved to England (Whitechapel) and died in 1840 . If you have any tips on where I can find more family history with this line it would be greatly appreciated . Thank you Melanie


  7. Cathal Daly said:

    I and my siblings can trace quite a lot of relations and connections to different families in Muintervara especially at the western end of the parish ( kilcrohane and ahakista)


  8. I just discovered your extremely well done site. You are successfully tying together the information, until now so scattered, about our West Cork ancestors. My paternal great grandfathers were James Lannin from Schull and John Skuse from Glengariff. Many of the names I see throughout your site are scattered all over my family tree. The 99 cousins of Rochester were cousins of my ancestors.

    By the way, I am the Administrator of The Lannin DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA.com. If any male Lannins read this comment, they would be most welcome to join my Y-DNA project.

    Keep up your wonderful work. I am listing you as a resource on HeritageSleuth.com.


  9. Sean Barrett said:

    i am a Barrett from a townland called Fahane above Durrus & would be extremely grateful to hear from anyone who knows of my descendants ?


  10. Barry Bradfield said:

    I am stunned with the amount of work you have done and made available on church records etc. It is a great resource to have available. Keep up the great work and thank you.


  11. Just came across your site earlier today while searching for info about my 3x great-grandparents Jeremiah McCarthy and Honora Donovan (Kilcrohane). I am amazed by the amount of information here. Impressive site!


    • Cathal Daly said:

      you mentioned 3 great -grand parents…..who was no. 3? Have you got all the info on them? If not I may be able to help fill in some gaps if you give me some more. I`m from Kilcrohane and if I don’t know of them I know people there who would, Cathal


      • Only two great-great-great-grandparents (Jeremiah McCarthy and Honora Donovan, who married in 1823). I visited Kilcrohane a few years ago, and met some of their descendants — I’m sure you would know them (McCarthys and Tobins). What little info I have on them is here: http://www.familytree.ottawavalleyirish.com/familygroup.php?familyID=F278&tree=Moran


      • Laurie Donovan-Case said:

        Hello Cathal!

        I saw your response to M.C. Moran. I would love to be in touch with you for your knowledge base about the Donovan’s from Kilcrohane. My sister and I researching the surname in that area. If you are interested in sharing, please contact me at my e-mail and I can share more particulars with you. Thank you for considering and have a wonderful day. This web site is an awesome resource. So glad to have “happened” up on it! 🙂


      • Sheila Garred said:

        hi All, Just found this section, only five years late! But I’m wondering if there are any connections can be made to my set of Donovans. My Gr-grandfather Thomas b. 1852, son of Patrick and Ellen (Collins) Donovan, of Gorteanish townland in Durrus. His second wife Kate Nicholas of Dromnea townland in Kilcrohane. Would love to know names of Tom’s 3 brothers and 4 sisters and of his first wife. He and Kate immigrated here to to Pennsylvania in 1881. Thanks, Sheila


  12. Laurie Donovan-Case said:

    This site is, without a doubt, a labor of love! Wonderful and informatiive. My sister and I recently visited Kilcrohane and headed out to Sheepshead. Our family was from Knockroe, the Donovan’s. I would love to make connection with you or anyone else in that area that may be able to assist us in our ancestral search. We met wonderful and knowledgeable folks while there, but we ended up with more questions than answers. Unfortunately, the people we met with aren’t too fond of the technology available for communicating, so we’ll be working with snail mail for sure, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear from anyone who might be familiar with the Lehane’s or the Donovan’s from the above referenced area. Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge…what a gift! 🙂


  13. Great blog – lots of fascinating stuff. Look forward to wandering around here!


  14. Mark Davenport said:

    The Philip’s Green site in the centre of Durrus village was gifted to the community by Kathleen Dukelow. The site is being developed by Durrus & District Community Council with funding from West Cork Development and we would like to include a board showing any history and photos of the site. Have found some references and an old photo looking from the Bantry Rd which shows the old agricultural building on the green, but any information would be gratefully received. There is mention of a agricultural show held in “Philips’ Yard” during the 1930’s and a photo of judges and committee members for the 1937 show in the book by Francis Humphrys, but I can’t find much else. Mark Davenport D&DCC


  15. Hi! I’m looking to interview local historians on what the mood was like in Ballydheob/. Durrus during the Great World War (1914-1918). Might you have a knowledge of the life and times here? And be willing to participate in my little documentary? Sarah Canty


  16. Christopher O'Sullivan said:


    Am looking into Ardgroom Inward and my family history there. My Great Grandfather was born into a Church of Ireland family there (1901 and 1911 census’)and later became fiercely Nationalist thanks in no small part to my ferocious Great granny Ellen. If anyone has any information on Ardgroom Inward or hints on where I can look for more information I would be most obliged. Chiefly looking into the Sullivan (O’Sullivan) line and Jones. Cheers!
    Chris O’Sullivan


  17. denise sullivan said:

    Do you have any more information concerning: “Denis Sullivan, Durrus, straightened the half hundredweight in one hand, to lift a half tierce above his head and walk up and down the street with it.” Curious if that is my Great Grandfather.


  18. Patty Werner said:

    Hi there,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading through your posts, and I’m especially curious as to why you said, “Bateman is one of the surnames I always take note of and there are numerous parishes there that have Batemans.” I’m looking for the family of my great-great-grandmother, Mary Bateman, born August 6, 1824. There are many family stories (probably not all true), but one certainty is that she sailed from Liverpool to New York with John Kief in 1848. She was literate and was buried as a Protestant. I’d love to find out more!

    Thanks much,
    Patty Werner


  19. Hi again – thanks for all the shares of Roaringwater Journal article. I often consult your site for information for certain kinds of blog posts – digging around in here is like an archaeological investigation!


  20. Thank you. Excellent website with invaluable links to documents we thought were gone forever! I enjoy the posts!


  21. Michael Harnett said:

    Hi – your site is a great resource and gateway for new lines of research.
    As I become older I see history being rewritten – almost on a daily basis.
    One piece of history I do not like to see lost is my own family ancestry – I need help to prove that Donal ‘Cam’ O’Sullivan Bear’s male line did not die out until about 1850 – the Count of Birhaven title was not actively used, by the family, when John ‘of Bantry’ was allowed to ‘resettle’ in Cork, after the Treaty of Limerick.
    William O’Sullivan of Carriganass Castle had two sons which died young before marrying; his eldest daughter married Edward Harnett (my 2nd Gt Grandfather). William’s father William, also of Carriganass, was son of John of Bantry, who died in 1731. Now this John’s pedigree is confirmed in the heralds office as direct male heraldic heir through Bartholemew, John Dermot back to Donal ‘Cam’. The heralds have allowed me to quarter the O’Sullivan Bear coat with my own Harnett coat having confirmed my evidence back to William O’Sullivan (1764-1859). This leaves me missing proof of a gap of one generation living in the same castle i.e. William son of John and father of William. Almost 100 years ago my grandfather undertook extensive research and wrote a family history based upon family records and anecdotes many from his father who was partly brought up in Carriganass Castle. I am considering publishing his book but first I need to ‘plug’ a couple of gaps which appear to be at ‘odds’ with modern day popular history.
    Michael Harnett


  22. Heather Evans said:

    Very interested to read the extract from the unpublished extract from John Rogers’ diary – he was my husband’s great-great-great-great-grandfather. His daughter Christiana married James Henry, another Wesleyan minister. Their eldest son was John Wesley Rogers Henry, who graduated from Queen’s University Galway, and subsequently ran a school in Bath.
    Is the original diary still in existence somewhere?


  23. Thank you for all the work that you do with this blog!! For decades our family has been unable to pin point exactly where our ancestor’s John W. Croston, Margaret Attridge and their son Francis Croston lived in Ireland before immigrating to Haverhill, Massachusetts around 1845-54. Francis came first and then in 1854 John and Margaret came over with the rest of the family. We had some indications they were from Skibbereen but no records. We have heard the story- both passed down from our family as well as from other Croston’s that we are in touch with in Skibbereen (Currently living there) and in Iowa (from the Bandon, County Cork Croston’s) that the family came to Ireland sometime between 1650 and 1750 form Croston Lancashire England. The earliest Croston on record in Ireland is Thomas Croston Esq. living in Sligo (1659 Census).

    Several of my family members have taken a dna test and that lead us to matching with the Croston’s and Attridge family of Rochester New York. I found your site when searching for more information about them and the “99 cousins”. Just 2 days ago I was looking at your site again and stumbled upon the East Skull birth records. I found the birth record of my 3X great grandfather Francis Croston. I am positive it is correct because the parents names are right as well as the exact birth date. Several of his siblings are also listed in the document and their birth dates match my records. The birth place listed matches John Croston and Thomas Attridge (possibly Margaret’s father or brother) on the Griffith’s Valuation for Scrahanyleary, Schull.
    I am now starting to search for some of the other surnames in the area with my dna matches and so far have found matches with the surnames: Wolfe, Lannin, Levis, Skuce, Kingston and more. I’m excited to have so many leads!

    There are several other Croston Families that also went to Haverhill MA. I suspect they were siblings or cousins to John W.

    Heather Croston


    • Although I am not familiar with the Crostons, I am a Lannin. I am descended from James Lannin, my great-grandfather, who came from Schull and John Skuse, also my great grandfather, who came from Glengarriff. John Skuse is descended from people named Cole, Kingston, Skuce, and Justice, among others. A DNA cousin, Kevin Raatz, is descended from Daniel Lannin and Ellen Atteridge.


      • I also have a DNA match with a Daniel Lannin and Ellen Atteridge descendant. They immigrated to Wisconsin. Does that match with your cousin’s ancestors? If so that would be a great find. I’ve been communicating with her and she does not know where in Cork her family came from. Based on the projected distance of the match we think that Ellen and my Margaret maybe were sisters or first cousins.


      • Yes, please email me at jimlannin@jimlannin.com.


  24. Barbara Baxter said:

    So excited! Think I have found my great great grandparents on your site:

    May 15th 1866 Thomas Miller
    Mary Chambers 26 21 B s L dairyman’s dau Carrrickbue Durrus Rusheenanashka William Miller Jonathan Chambers F dairyman James Phillips
    David Burleigh
    her mark

    I found Thomas and Mary Millar in 1901 and 1911 census. In the 1911 census it states they had 14 children with 6 living. Tracing the children led me to Thomas Miller and Mary Chambers as they had many children at the right time in the right place!

    Their son John Millar (Miller) immigrated to the States after serving 4 years in WWI.
    Another sister Minnie Attridge Miller also came to the States. Not sure how Attridge fits in.

    So looking forward to learning more! If anyone knows about the Millers or Chambers family in Durrus I would be most grateful, Barbara


    • Barbara Baxter said:

      More information on Thomas Miller and Mary Chambers.

      Mary Chambers born in 1845 to Jonathan Chambers and Mary Attridge.

      Thomas Miller born in 1840 to William Millar and Mary Lannin. All from Durrus.

      Thank you Barbara


  25. Carol Croston said:

    I am looking for info on my husband’s Croston family from Skibbereen, Cork, Ire.
    His great grandfather, Michael Croston was baptized on 09, 1842 at St. Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral in Skibbereen his sponsers being Michael Collins and Kate Croneen. So was his brother John on 23 Apr 1841 & his sponsors were Michael Brickley & Ellen Collins. Their sister Mary was baptized on 08 June 1845 with her sponsors being Daniel Collins & Joanne (?).

    Their parents were Frank(b.abt. 1816) & Mary (Marie) Collins Croston who were married the 29th of Feb 1840 in Aughadon, Cork. I do not know if there were other children or what happened to John & Mary. Michael came to the US, married Ellen Sullivan who was born in Ireland & they eventually settled in Franklin, Mass. It appears he married Ellen in Massachusetts. He worked as a laborer for the railroad & as a result the children were born in different New England states. They were John, Frank, Michael, Cornelius, Daniel, Mary, Elizabeth, Katherine, Ellen & Annie.

    If anyone can shed any light on these Croston & Collins families, It would be greatly appreciated.

    Carol Croston


    • Heather Croston said:

      I am researching all branches of the Croston family who immigrated from Ireland to the US (lately specially to Massachusetts) and am familiar with your line. I think there may be a close link to the Haverhill Crostons (my line) as Michael spent some time in Lawrence MA and Jefferson Croston of Haverhill/ Bradford lived a number of years in Lawrence. I am working with another Skibbereen Croston through DNA and she has a match with Jefferson’s family. I would love to be in touch and collaborate. Please e-mail me at hcroston@yahoo.com

      Heather Croston


  26. elisabeth thorn said:

    Thank you for a fascinating website. I am interested in the Bantry area as my partner is a direct descendant of John Jagoe/Anne Dowe.
    Elisabeth Thorn.


  27. Denise Davis said:


    Hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I’ve tried so long to trace my family from Baltimore Ireland in the 1850 plus ? . My great grandfather John Davis came from there and his father was Charles Davis and strangely we are connected to the Murphy’s as well !! Do you know if Charles it indeed John Davis ( Eugene’s father had brothers etc or whether Charles had family or was he a catholic priest as I have found reference as “father “ and Reverend ? I have read your articles and stories and have found them intriguing and fascinating ! PLEASE can you help me as the records were all destroyed in the early 1920 ‘s and I have drawn a blank on my research ? Equally have you met anyone related to the Davis family ? Also Davis doesn’t seem a very Irish name either !

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Denise Davis ( from Surrey Uk this is where John Davis migrated to in 1872 )

    Sent from my iPhone


  28. Hi there – interested in your post and the location of the 1702 Deed from Rev. John Patrickson, Chantor of Cloyne to Sir Richard Cox (1650-1733)… would like to take a look at it. I’m researching my family with a connection to one of the locations mentioned in the list.


  29. Hi there – interested in the 1702, Deed from Rev. John Patrickson, Chantor of Cloyne to Sir Richard Cox. Wondering where this document is located… be interested in finding out more. I am researching my family with connections to Kilbarry, D’way. Thanks!


  30. Ann Forster said:

    This is one of my all time favorite sites on the internet. I am always grateful for all the records and documents you have so generously uploaded and shared with the history and genealogy communities. Every time I come over, I learn something new about the history of the area and it’s people. Amazed by your great generosity in creating it, and all the time I am sure it had to have taken to develop.


  31. Such an interesting blog – came here looking for information on a bank in Calcutta during the time of the East India Company, and found a whole bunch of other fascinating things!


  32. Niamh O’Mahony said:

    Just want to let you know that I very much appreciate your website and have recommended it to friends and neighbours here. Thank you. Have come back recently to live on Muintir Bhaire peninsula. Keep up the good work.


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