Burials at Durrus East (Moulivard) Graveyard, West Cork.

This graveyard is probably one of the most ancient in West Cork and still used on the odd occasion.  The ruined church may date from the 15th century and the walls are still in good condition with the exception of one which was buttressed by a Fás scheme i the 1980s.

In Durrus nowadays Catholics are buried in the graveyard attaching to the Church build in 1900s and members of the Church of Ireland and Methodists in St.James which dates from 1793.  That churchyard became so congested in the 1850s that lord bandon gave additional land for an extension.  The ground being rocks had to be lowered by quarrymen and soil obtained from the buffs near the pier about 500 metres away.   There are a number of Church of Ireland families buried in Moulivard, The Shannon family from Moulamill (Glanlough, lower house) with David Shannon in 1804, the Dukelows from Tralibawn from 1880 likely it originated in Crottees, Williamson from Brahalish, Fergusons, Sullivans/O’Sullivans.

Most of the burials originate in neighbouring townlands of Ballycomane, Moulivard, Letterlickery and part of Caheragh.  Some of those from other areas may have had an ancestor from nearby townlands.

About50 years ago a herd of sheep broke in and cleaned out the graveyard. In so doing they exposed the graves including that of Father Bernane.  The grave was covered by an array of coloured bottles. The was according to tradition fond of the sup an tis may have been a factor in him being sensed.  Grateful people who availed of his miraculous powers left the bottles in thanks.  His grave was exhumed adn his skull is supposed to be on the ledge inside the church polished by hundreds of years o kissing.

The question is where were those from Durrus to Ahakista buried pre 1900?.  There are at least two old burial grounds which we=were tough t be cillíns (Children burial areas) at West Brahalish an Ahagound/Clashadoo.  In fact the distribution of both small and large stone suggest that adults were buried there and the site at Chashadoo has a series of regular lines.

The majority of the burials are unrecorded,

If anyone has an ancestor there I would be happy to include in the record if details are forwarded.

Burial record: