By the mid 19th century a large number of Irish landed Estates were hopelessly insolvent. This was caused by a combination of the effects of the Familne falling agricultural prices since the Battle of Waterloo and the availability of easy credit. Many Irish landed estates borrowed heavily to fund children’s education, dowries for daughters jointures for unmarried female children as well as supporting an unsustainable lifestyle.

The solution was the Landed Estates courts which took over the Estates guaranteed title to prospective purchases who took title without the mortgages.

Many of the records of the sales which include legal tenure, tenant details and surveys are available in the National Archives.


William Blaire (Blair), -1730s), 1720, Dunmanway, mother Elinor Patrickson he m Sarah White, d Richard White, Togher, Dunmanway, later Whiddy Island (Lord Bantry family), 1719.  1713 in consideration of affection for his nephew William Blair, Dunmanway Rev. John Patrickson granted his interest in Courcullaght (query if Coolculaghta, Durrus later Blair Cove, Estate, 1,100 acres) , West Carbery of consideration of 5 shillings.  Father of Richard (Dick) JP.  William Snow Senior and Junior witness to deed 1731, where Richard White Whiddy Island grants lands (formerly Patrickson) in East Carbery to him  William Blair of Dunmanway and Earl of Cork. Letting 1739 half ploughland of Clontis, East Carbery to Richard Martin, Bandon.  Features In account books of Richard White as being in debt to him.  May be Subscriber James Simon Irish Coinage 1749.  

Captain Richard (Dick) Blair TCD, 1776, Bantry, Probably Blackrock, Bantry later Blair’s Cove, Durrus. son of William and Eleanor Patrickson, Dunmanway, E, Dr. Chinnery, Bandon Grammar School, TCD 1739-1740, no record of degree fees paid by Richard White the 2nd and debited to Blair Estate.  His daughter Anna married John Hungerford possible Customs man possibly from the family of Rosscarbery.



Later property transaction by Murphy family listed as tenants:





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